• Erny Rachmawati Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto



Ethics, Business, Law, Environment, Behavior


The purpose of research to study the business environment aspect. The external environment is everything that the company has to deal with in order for the business to thrive and continue. External factors that affect the company are legal, ecological, political, economic, social, technological and competitive issues. Business Law is part of the company's external environment. Laws are made to regulate human behavior as a society. Violations of business law will be penalized. Business must be run with the Safe principle that the producers and consumers as well as the environment involved feel safe and comfortable so that no party feels that they are not disadvantaged in business activities, so there needs to be regulations that are implemented and understood together.

This research is a normative research that seeks to find legal principles that are not fulfilled in the national legal system.

The conclusion that can be drawn in this research that Laws that run legally if violated will have an effect on punishment, while laws that are recognized as rules that apply in society will have the effect of being a social norm or rule, and their behavior shows the existence of ethics. Business ethics are ethics that apply to the business world.



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